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She’s The Mother, The Lover, The Goddess

She’s Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar and Mother Earth herself, an embodiment of earthly delights embedded within the

vast mystical tapestry of the cosmos. Home is where the heart is, and earth is the heart of our universe.

Clothed by the sun, she is rooted in the fertile, abundant lands and ever flowing cycles of nature. She is the ultimate shaman, traveling between the earth realm and the spirit world. When a woman is initiated into motherhood she becomes more and more grounded and aware of her body, her senses become wolf like and her instincts to nurture and protect are stronger than ever, not only is she physically connected to her unborn child nested within her womb, she has a direct connection via the cosmic umbilical cord of life to communicate with her baby’s spirit during and often before conception, she is guided through the portal from maidenhood to motherhood, witnessing the endless cycles of life, birth, death and rebirth.

The Empress not only embodies our Mother Earth but her sister planet Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, femininity, sexuality, abundance and pleasure, she has no desire to ‘ascend’ to higher dimensions because her inner knowing knows heaven is on earth, that we have been blessed with the opportunity to be here, to be physical, to feel, to touch, to cry, to experience all the highs and lows of what it is to be human, and to attempt to reject, suppress or escape our earthly existence is to disconnect from our true life purpose.

The Empress often appears to bring the news of pregnancy or other times the ‘birthing’ of a new beginning in the form of a creative endeavor, calling you to nurture new concepts and projects in your life with passion, knowing there is an ever flowing stream of abundance available to all.

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