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To bite the apple or not to bite the apple? Decisions, Decisions that is the message presented by The Lovers. No matter the question we always have a choice and we always have a choice on how we perceive the given situation.

Did Adam and Eve really leave the Garden of Eden? Or are we in paradise choosing not to see it. Evel Eve, the feminine, guided by her intuition in form of the serpent, chose to follow her heart, to taste all the earthly delights, to explore her sexual nature rather than only obey reason, the masculine, telling us to ‘stay safe’ play by the rules, be ‘good’, don’t be tempted by our animalistic urges. We could choose to stay in the confines of the garden walls or we could break free and venture in the passions of the jungle. It is through love, our desires and sexual pleasure that we taste the true meaning of life, something beyond the ordinary and material, what drives us to know our true selves and to know God.

The angelic being above represents our higher consciousness, it is when we unite the masculine and feminine, through the merging of reason and our intuition that we reach our higher selves.

The Lovers remind us to follow our hearts, be our most authentic selves, to question what we truly stand for, then to pursue it with passion and above all else to always choose love.

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