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I like many shy away from the energy of The Emperor, representing authority, obedience, discipline, structure and following the rules of society, however like the strict father or nagging teacher sometimes the lessons are for our own good, creating a strong work ethic and boundaries, that self discipline and organization may in fact lead to personal and financial freedom, opening many more doors to explore and enjoy the world around you.

The Emperor embodies both Mars and Saturn, Mars, the warrior planet of ambition, passion and aggression. Saturn, the teacher planet that through tough love presents us with life lesson after life lesson, at the time it may feel like the universe is against us, when sometimes we need to be presented with challenges to bring us into alignment with our true north, if we chose to ignore the signs and redirection guided by Saturn, the road home will become more and more difficult.

The Landscape like the Emperor is a picture of strength and stability, slightly chiseled and well aged, with a small river running through, representing our emotions, reminding us, that we can have all the luxuries money can buy, along with momentary success and stability however we must keep that inner river flowing, that our heart is always the center of our being and what guides us along our true path, our moral compass that must be used with integrity to contribute to creating a higher quality for all, pursing with passion not for the pursuit of power over others.

The Emperor’s armor du jour comes in many colors, be it a businessman, a farmer, a father, a sailor, an artist all navigating towards a freer and more just society. When society becomes infested by authoritarian beliefs, by the so called people in power that we are told are their to protect us, we must seek the strength of the Emperor’s rational and controlled emotions to see through the corruption and not blindly bow down to an illusionary authority, although The Emperor himself is a symbol of law and order, natural law always reigns above man made laws and sometimes the most virtuous thing to do is to rebel and disobey.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti

THE EMPEROR from my upcoming tarot deck

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