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Is the introduction to the spiritual teachings via organized religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism.

All their teachings neatly orchestrated to lead us along a righteous path to God. Many of the teachings and philosophies provide us with much guidance and structure in our early years, introducing us to many wonderful things, daily ritual, prayer, traditions and customs that can inspire us and give life a deeper meaning. We honor the dead with funeral customs and we celebrate life and love through baptism and marriage ceremonies.

Although these concepts are presented as solely belonging to these institutions, many if not most, stem from ancient knowledge outside these systems, customs our ancestors once structured their lives around, which is still very apparent in the traditions adopted by the church, celebrating Christmas on the winter solstice, Easter at the spring equinox and many other pagan festivities lying beneath the heavy concrete structures built to suppress them. This is not limited to paganism but to all indigious and tribal communities that deeply connected with the land and the cycles of the seasons, with the inner knowing that God resides in all things, not purely what’s deemed holy.

Organized religion can become an escape from taking personal responsibility for your life, they will teach you what is right and what is wrong and as long as you follow suit, don’t think too much for yourself you’ll be just fine. Many young people rebel and break away from the indoctrination of the church they grew up in, to then later join another practice sometimes disguised in spirituality but still preaching the age old messages and using new age ideology, presenting them with the latest pyramid scheme to enlightenment.

The hierophant comes to us in times we may benefit from seeking guidance from these traditions and rituals, a time to connect with our ancestors and other times to remind us that what we are seeking can only truly be found within

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