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‘In The Beginning Was The Word’

The spirit, life force echoing through the cosmos, consciousness was born, each spark of intelligence, leaving the nest of oneness to become one in the web of life, an individual creator being, the will ‘to be or not to be’, to be birthed and to be earthed, manifesting as matter to experience life on the blue planet.

The Magician shows us that we are the stars on earth, the illuminated ones and the true powers that be. As we are guided by the stars above, we have the ability to manifest the lives we want, through our thoughts, words, imagination and actions we create our reality.

We must always remain aware to double check our thoughts are our own and not conjured up by lost soul illusionists, broadcasting fear and destruction with their hypnotic spelling, just because you’ve awakened doesn't mean you won’t fall back to sleep.

The Magician is both the shaman and the alchemist, like mercury the winged messenger traveling through the physical world and the spirit world, with the knowingness that every seemingly devastating occurrence has a silver lining and can be turned into gold leading us back to the awareness of who we are, that we are essentially all one, that all this surface drama is just smoke and mirrors by amatuer magicians.

We take our inspiration from the natural world, which has also been created in spirit, the word inspiration deriving from being ‘in spirit’, ever abundant, mother nature is constantly transforming herself, we become aware of how we can channel our own life force and how others may be using their power over us.

Energy goes where attention flows

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