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She is the primordial wholly grail, Sophia, Mary, Isis, the mother of all, the cosmic womb where each of our souls is seeded with divine wisdom.

We are within her and she is within us.

She calls you to drift away from the material realm, to dive into the depths of the infinite ocean within, swim beyond the conscious mind, into the dark mysteries of the subconscious, that’s where the hidden treasures of your inner knowing dwell.

Traveling between these worlds of the seen and unseen, is where you become aware of the continuous ebbs and flows of life, that polarity is inherent in all things, there is no light without dark, no day without night, no feminine without masculine.

We are all limitless vessels, brimming with inner knowing, love, psychic abilities and creativity, it’s only when we surrender to the still waters within, beyond the rational world we know, that we allow the cosmic umbilical cord to feed us this knowledge.

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