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Dorothy is the perfect embodiment of the Fool, from the beginning she knows who she is, a free spirit, the inner child who’s moral compass has yet to be conditioned by the black & white checkerboard world of rules, greed and obedient order-followers, she’s ready to take a leap over the rainbow. The forces of nature, cataclysmically break her out of her comfort zone, where she’s guided by her unsurpassable higher self otherwise known as her beloved Toto, she spiritually awakens, stepping into a unknown technicolor existence of unlimited possibilities, a place of wonderment that she brazenly embarks on the sacred spiraled path to self discovery. Once she slides into her mercurial silver slippers, she has reached the final stage of the alchemical process of self actualization, her final lesson is expressed to her by the sacred feminine, personified as Glenda, the Good Witch: ‘You’ve always has the power dear, you just had to learn it for yourself’ The fool teaches us to listen to our inner child, stay curious, choice creativity and adventure over fear and control, know that whatever challenges lie ahead on the yellow brick road that trusting your higher self will guide you to your true north, be more daring, take more chances, dance more dances and let your heart lead the way

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