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Between Father Sky and Mother Earth

The initiation into motherhood is highly shamanic, traveling back and forth between the earthly realm and spirit world. Being in constant communication with the spirit of your child during pregnancy and before, simultaneously feeling more and more connected to the earth and your body everyday, wolf like senses of smell and taste, having to slow down and listen to your body, when to eat, when to rest, when to cry, feeling your baby moving around inside your womb, already making instinctive decisions to protect your child from the outside world.

I sense my ancestors guiding me through the portal from maidenhood to motherhood. I feel parts of myself dying, ready to be reborn, knowing it won’t stop at the birth of my child, that I will enter childhood once again through the wonder of my child’s eyes.

Feeling very much align with the rulers of our collective destiny now in Taurus and Scorpio, guiding us to stop and smell the roses, Taurus wants us to enjoy the simple earthly pleasures, to honor the feminine and Mother Earth, while Scorpio demands we dive deep into our souls, ready or not, it’s time to let parts of ourselves die to be reborn because life is so much more magical than the surface reality we’ve come to accept.

The children coming into the world now are here to show us the way, they will not give attention to the materialistic, corrupt power plays of the old age cage, the real revolution will not involve violence but raising empowered children that will know we’re here to love, play and live in harmony with the natural world that provides everything we need.

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